Upgrade Options


white pearl embossed invitation

£0.30 – £1 per invitation

To make your invites and other stationery even more luxurious choose pearl card. Subtle shine will add glamour especially to embossed invites. The price of this upgrade is calculated individually and depends on size and design of invitation or any other item you’re interested in.


£0.50 per invitation

As the envelope is the first thing your guest see make sure it’s perfect. Together with a pearl invitation you can choose a pearl envelope. Matching with the colour of the card will look sophisticated and classic while matching with the colour of the ribbon gives more modern look. 

Embossed monogram on envelope

£0.50 per invitation

Absolutely unique on the UK market hand – embossed envelopes with each monogram prepared separately for every couple and then hand embossed on one envelope at a time. It makes your invitations truly special and highly personal from the very first look. You can choose your favourite from 2 types of monogram. Also, some of our embossing patterns can be repeated on envelopes, please ask for availability if you’re interested.

wax stamp choices

£1 per invitation

If there’s one thing that takes a wedding invitation to the next level, it’s a wax seal. There’s something so elegant, charming, and generally old-world-inspired about the adornment.

A wax-seal gives a finishing touch to your wedding stationery. Choose a design that best suits your personality and match the colour with your wedding scheme.

If you wish to add any decorative details to your stamp (like gold flake or baby breath or feather), please contact us first for individual quote.


£1 per invitation

Envelope liners are a lovely extra to really impress your guests. 

A liner is simply an additional piece of paper or cardstock that lines the inside of an envelope, adding a pop of colour and personality to your invitation increasing its weight and feel.

They are available blank in multiple colours or printed to match all of our designs.


£1.50 per invitation

A beautiful alternative to a wedding envelope with the ‘wow’ factor. The box can be white or matching the invitation itself. The invitation is well protected and is presenting really luxurious.

open chamonix wedding invitations in ivory and champagne

£0.15 per invitation

If you know your guest list already we can print their names on each invite for you using coordinated typefaces to match your chosen design. It adds another truly personalised touch to your wedding invitations without handwriting or paying for a calligrapher.

Guests names printing is FREE with our Package.


£0.50 per invitation

When choosing this option you’ll get full invitation just ready to send out. With elegant addressed envelope and named invite inside all you have to do is decide if you use additional covering envelope or not and put a stamp on. No hand-writing, no fuss, everything matching – perfect solution for busy brides and grooms!

We provide special form for you to fill in which we’ll be using to copy & paste names and addresses. After that the form will be deleted.

Lavender avenue package

plus 50% of the final value of your order

If you’re in a rush, we’ll make every effort to accommodate the last minute orders if time allows. 

Please note that the Priority Service is additional 50% of your order quote and it’s FREE with a package


15% OFF of the final value of your order

Ordering all at once will save you countless hours of hunting down the individual items. With every detail perfectly matching and coordinating with each other you will be sure all stationery is the same great quality. 

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