About Us

Lavender Avenue is a small family run business offering luxurious wedding stationery.

Since 2011 we have helped countless couples on their wedding planning journey. We’re proud to make it less stressful and more enjoyable.

Our biggest satisfaction is when couples contact us to share their delight after receiving first their invitations and then other stationery. 

Double trouble power

Privately we are two sisters, Isabelle and Carolina, both passionate about beautiful design but with completely different characters and skills. Those differences let us successfully co-work for over 10 years.

Creativity of one of us and technical skills of the other, plus our love for craft and passion about weddings let us do what we love fulltime and on every day basis.

If you want to read about how we got here, visit our BLOG!

And of course because there are two of us, everything is checked twice, made twice as fast and with double attention to detail.

Two heads are always better than one, right?!

About us horse riding

how it all began

When I, Caroline, got engaged in 2009 I had a huge problem with finding wedding invitations fulfilling all my needs despite the market being full of different invitations in different styles. Even if the invite was beautiful, there was something not right with it. Not enough space for all the details I needed to include. Colours not matching my chosen theme. Too formal or too casual.

In the end, being a perfectionist that I am, I decided to make them by myself. I spent hours editing files, printing, cutting, creasing, gluing, attaching etc. for every invite to be perfect (150 in total!). It was hard work and took a lot of time (like everything when done the first time) but it was totally worth it. In the end I had my dream wedding invitations. 

Then I thought that there must be more Brides-to-be, who had the same problems as me. And maybe they don’t have enough time or the skills to make their stationery as I did.

Together with my sister Isabelle, we created a few invitation designs making them as versatile as possible and we opened an online shop. The first sale came sooner than we expected and so did the feedback. And it blown us away! Our customers loved the quality and attention to detail and were over the moon that they had a choice in both the color and style of each element of their invites without any compromise.

And they still do!


With over 10 years experience in wedding business, we know and understand how difficult and sometimes exhausting wedding planning can be. We helped hundreds of couples by advising and paying attention to every detail to bring their dreams about perfect wedding to reality. 

Also, we know how daunting it is to find invitations that match your idea perfectly. To fit all necessary information, in exactly your style and colours. With Carolina’s head full of ideas and Isabelle’s magic ability to always find a way we’ll create stationery corresponding to the character of the ceremony and the style you choose.

We aim for every design to be most versatile. With change in colours, textures, embellishments and custom details we can achieve the effect you want, whether you’re planning a glamour wedding, rustic ceremony or a crazy disco in the evening.

We’re here to help you make your wedding invitations truly outstanding and like no one else’s!

WHY choose US?


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Since we began our business, hundreds of couples trusted us.  Our invitations and ‘on the day’ stationery complimented their wedding day and dazzled their guests.

Over the years we’ve seen how fast wedding styles are changing, how quickly some elements are getting more and more popular and other ones are going out of fashion. We always keep track of the newest wedding trends.

We take part in wedding fairs and showrooms at local venues, we obsessively read wedding magazines, we keep expanding our knowledge taking graphic & design courses.

We truly love what we do and we put a bit of our hearts into each and every order because we believe it’s a privilege to be part of your wedding day.

Let us make planning your wedding easy and stress free!

We can’t wait to create something especially for you!

Isabelle Fox & Carolina Karas

get to know us

Isabelle Fox

Wedding Stationery Consultant

isabelle fox
  • the one responsible for communication with all of you
  • a perfectionist
  • gadget orientated shopaholic
  • always looking for new ways to improve your experience with us and to speed up production process
  • ‘challenge accepted’ kind of person 😉

Carolina Karas

Wedding Stationery Designer

carolina karas
  • the creative force behind the Lavender Avenue
  • her attention to detail makes your stationery flawless
  • well organised, keeps Izzie’s mess under control (one would say bossy;) 
  • passionate about whatever she’s into
  • loves Italian food, French desserts and Spanish rhythms

our studio

Based in the sunny South East coast of England, we work with couples from all over UK, however we also post overseas. We have provided wedding stationery to customers not only in the whole Europe but also as far away as New Zealand, Australia, Qatar, Greece, Malta,  Puerto Rico or USA.


Royal Parade


East Sussex

BN22 7AF


Isabelle +44 07969803370

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