If you are a busy Bride-To-Be and a bit of a perfectionist then our package is a great option for you.

Did you know that average British couple deals with no less than 14 different vendors during the wedding planning journey? It includes catering, florist, photographer, venue, celebrant etc. Sounds a bit overwhelming, doesn’t it? 

With a package at least you don’t have to look for every small stationery-wise item and deal with another 5 more people. You have everything in one place, you receive special personal service and every item is tailored to you and your love story!

Is the package for you?



You won't have to spend countless hours hunting down all individual items.

complement the venue decor

Having every stationery item coordinated with your wedding style and venue decor will surely impress your guests.

have everything perfectly matching

Outstanding matching stationery will make your guests remember your wedding longer and it won't get mixed up in their memories with other weddings they have attended.

keep the quality high

You don't need to worry that one single item will be of worse quality than you want on your wedding.


With a package you get a discount not available elsewhere so you can spend more money on hmmmm... your honeymoon?

get a peace of mind

You can enjoy the rest of your wedding planning as your stationery is absolutely safe in our hands, because with the package you get our personal premium service.

Get a present

Because who doesn't like to get presents, right? And this way we want to thank you for trusting us when you decide to go with us for your wedding stationery.

get stunning pictures

Your stationery will present just stunning on the photos and will be one of the little details worth shooting by your photographer.

What is included in a package?

It’s totally up to you as every package is tailored to every customer individually.

A package includes at least 4 different wedding stationery items. You can choose whatever you need from our list or if there is something special you dream of, just let us know and we check if we can design and make it for you and if so, includes it in the package.

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  • Save the Date Cards
  • Wedding Invitations
  • Evening Invitations
  • Table Plan/Tags
  • Menus
  • Order of Service
  • Order of the Day
  • Name Cards
  • Every sign such as welcome sign, flip flops sign, memorial card etc (up to A4 size)
  • Post box card or guest book card ready to mount on your box or book
  • Quiz cards, About the day cards, drink tokens etc
  • Thank You Cards 

Gifts & Bonuses

Moreover, with our package we offer some special BONUSES like:

phoenix guest book in white and baby blue

How does it work?


Tell us which items of stationery and what quantities you need for your wedding. Choose at least 4 different items from our offer: Save the Date Cards, Wedding Invites, Evening Invites, Table Plan/Tags, Menus, Order of Service, Order of the Day, Name Cards, Activity Books, Thank You Cards etc. You can also add any other wedding stationery you dream of, we’ll be delighted to design and make it for you.

Example: You need 50 invitations with RSVP card, information card and monetary poem card. For your wedding day you plan 9 tables plus top table, so you’ll need 10 Table Numbers, 20 Menus (2 on each table), 90 Place Cards and a Table Plan.


We will then give you a quote tailored to your needs, including all discounts & benefits. The numbers of particular items can be adjusted later in time when you get your RSVPs back. 


To place an order we send you an invoice to your email address (which can be paid by card or by PayPal) or bank transfer details if you prefer this way of payment.

The quote given is valid for 30 days, then it will be recalculated if required. 


As soon as the full payment is made, we start working on your wedding stationery – in order of which ones you need first and depending on confirmed information.

You don’t need to worry about booking the production slot, we will start working on your whenever you’re ready.

The production process includes: sending details –> proof –> changes –> confirmation –> printing  –> hand assembly –> shipping.

Example: If the package includes Wedding Invitations, Place Cards, Table Numbers, Table Plan and Menus (and Guest Book as a gift from us), we work on the invitations first. When these are confirmed and ready we send them as soon as possible (benefit of a Priority Service). The 1st part of your order is done.


The rest of your order is put ON HOLD until you are ready and have all the remaining information needed. It’s usually not until a few weeks before the wedding date.

Example: When you get your RSVPs back and you have your guest list and exact numbers confirmed, we can start making your Place Cards, Table Numbers, Menus, Table Plan and Guest Book. If in the meanwhile you find out you’ll have to have one more table, we will invoice you for additional items with 15% discount.

On the other side, if you need less menus and table numbers than ordered but would like to add a set of Signs, we will recalculate the package for you with the discount and paid items in mind.


As soon as we get all the details for ‘on the day’ stationery, we will start making the rest of your order. It will be send with no additional charge, no matter if you decide to get the rest of your order all at once or just as another part of your package.  

Example: You can decide to hold on with Table Plan till the last week before the wedding. The Priority Service included in your package keeps your order on the top of our ‘to-do’ list, so you can be sure your stationery will be with you in time.


We would love to find out what’s important to you and give you a customised quote just for what you need and nothing that you don’t.
Because every wedding is unique and different, the price is personalised for every couple individually.
However, if you don’t know the exact numbers but you’ve already fell in love in one of our collections, you can get our package based on your rough numbers now and adjust the quantities later. You can order them now, tick another thing off your wedding to-do list, and tailor them (numbers and items) at a later time.

Get In Touch

Please contact us to discuss the best package personalised especially for your requirements. 
(your colour scheme, wedding theme, repeating pattern, overall style of your wedding)

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a subscription form. Your email will be used only regarding your enquiry.


If for some reason you have to cancel your order, you might be eligible for a partial refund.

  • For cancellations before confirming first part of your order for production – you will receive a full refund minus the non-refundable part of you deposit (25% of the order)
  • For cancellations after receiving part of your package – you will be charged full price for the items already sent and the non-refundable part of your deposit. The remaining balance will be refunded.